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These visuals are created to aid decision-making for Fundraisers, Donors & the General Public.

Visualized data are publicly available & we do not claim ownership of the data but only of the visuals. Click any picture for a detailed view.

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  • Facebook has 10 less fundraisers than GoFundMe, but it has helped raised similar amount to GoFundMe. 
  • On average, 1 Fundraiser raises $ 13,772 from Facebook & $10,090 from GoFundMe.
  • Fundraisers have been focusing least on Medical and Food relief. 
  • The more updates a Fundraiser communicates, the likely it is to increase its donations.
  • Oxygen for Nepal & National Innovation Center are among the most supported (and therefore loved) causes.

“Does the number of updates of a fundraiser impact how much Grant it raises?

Do you think by increasing the number of times you communicate about your fundraiser’s impact you could actually raise more donations? Let see what the data shows us!

Data shows that the average number of updates given by the fundraisers with the most donations stands high at 9.5, whereas the average number of updates given by the fundraisers with the least donations stands low at 0.66.

Yes, that is lower than 1! 

On average, the funds with more updates also had more elaborate messages, goals, and appeals. The graph shown depicts a clearer perspective on how the number of updates by fundraisers relates to the sum of their donations. It seems to hint that clear communication will go a long way for fundraisers and NGOs.

A suggestion for fundraisers is to quickly manage the logistics with a rough plan and start working at some level if groundworks are not possible yet. Real work done will allow you to communicate updates with your stakeholders. Having something to post or share will undoubtedly result in more shares(circulation) of the fundraiser than having nothing to share at all. This will result in more visibility. The visibility of a fund will- to some extent- impact the donations it is able to raise because very few donors are available offline!

The visual provided below also shows us that fundraisers have focused least on providing Medical Relief materials. A video of Nurses protesting about the lack of funding and having to pay personally for essentials like masks recently circulated among the media. Vidhwan aims to use data analysis to help decision makers fight the pandemic by publishing data visuals and insights. 


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