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From a growth startup to an impact driven community. We're here to empower students via initiatives that can change students' life.

“Vidhwan has directly impacted over 138 students via Buy-&-Sell initiative, workshops, & internships.

vidhwan's mission

Our formations have changed with time as we strive to give continuity to our work amidst challenges. But our mission to transform students’ lives has not!

Our core vision is to help students become independent financially & prepared professionally.

We will continue data collection & analysis to have a deeper understanding of major student-problems and formulate solutions while continuing our buy-&-sell, internship, & workshop initiatives.

Completed Initiatives

Student Ambassador | 2020

Our test batch, Batch-Zero, was initiated to provide aspiring student-leaders a community and voice.

Mental Health Workshops

2 workshops, 2 counselors, 3+ countries & 73 students. The workshops were organized by our ambassadors after we analyzed student-data and found mental health as the major problem.

impact driven

Our commitment to be an impact driven organization stems from the need to provide opportunities to unreached students and provide need-based help. 

This approach will allow us to filter & undertake projects that can have more authentic impact.

Problems faced by Students.
By class levels.


Logos of Organizations &|or professionals from the organizations we have partnered with for events, internships, & more.

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